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Summer Projects 2017

We are delighted to be announcing two new projects! 

A Couple of Clowns is a new show in development - working with two superb clowns - Alice Mary Cooper (Waves, The Bean Counter) and Stanley Pattison (Paperbelle, Moussa's Castle).

A Couple of Clowns is new clowning performance for children and their friends and families.  In this first development stage we think it might be a guided tour... Maybe a museum, a library, a science centre, an art gallery, a school, a toilet…  

The possibilities are endless - the only fixed factor is that our two Clown Tour Guides know absolutely nothing about the location.  Awkward? We hope so :) 

Artistic Director Heather Fulton will spend a week with a couple of clowns developing the idea in July in Moray.  During this we'll be sharing some images, films and thoughts on what we get up to.


Indispensable Me is our summer participation project for young people aged 12-19, funded by Project ARTS - Forres Area Creative Place Programme- and in partnership with Quarriers Young Careers Support Service, Moray.   

Inspired by NESTS by Xana Marwick, Indispensable Me focuses on what is a young person’s place in the world – what is essential for young people to live; flourish; survive. 


What is a must have? Internet access? A mobile phone? Love? Food? Space? Quinoa? 

 With an image of Donald Trump and a group of white middle-aged men signing a document that will affect the reproductive options of women across the world - what decisions is it essential we have control over? 

 How indispensible are we to a Facebook petition or are we more essential to a friend’s Facebook profile and self-esteem.


Indispensable Me will look to explore all of this in one big, fat, go. Over a programme of workshops Frozen Charlotte’s Artistic Director Heather Fulton will work with a group of young people in Moray to explore these themes.  Using drama and other artistic mediums such as photography; movement; written word – we will collaboratively explore the concept, working towards a sharing at the end of a one week summer school.  

This sharing will reflect and celebrate the outcome of the exploratory work and may take the form of a performance, installation, exhibition or event.

Indispensable Me will take place in the Forres area from the 7th-11th of August.  Places are free and still available so please contact us for more information.  


For more information on Project ARTS please go to Project ARTS


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