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The Library

The Library is a Frozen Charlotte production designed especially for school audiences.


Created for P5-7 students who have been (with all good intentions) tricked into the belief that they are going on just another ordinary visit to their local library....

But no!! Into the room bursts the charismatic and somewhat bizarre Detective Basil, who enlists their help to solve a fascinating, mysterious mystery.

Clues must be found, books searched, research gathered, suspects identified and theories formed, all using the myriad of resources available in the library.


The Library toured in September 2015, encouraging children in Moray, Edinburgh, Perthshire and Aberdeenshire to never trust old ladies in a knitting group or give up on a challenge!

Cast & Crew
Maryam Hamidi
David Rankine
Richy Carey
Iain Craig
Schools Pack
Hazel Darwin-Clements
Concept / Direction
Heather Fulton
Morna Pearson
Diane Smith
Stage Manager
Carrie Taylor
Alice Wilson

With thanks to: Creative Scotland, Nicola Jo Cully, Adam Buksh & Matthew Koenig

Technical Specification

The Library can be played in any library large or small, public or school.  The library can remain open to the public during the show – we find this adds to the comedy of the children sneaking about trying not to look suspicious.


The interactive style of the show means we have a maximum capacity of 20 children per performance and we can perform up to two times per day.  Fees vary depending whether we are touring at the time.


For further information please contact us

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