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How to Grow a Dinosaur

Meet the Professors.

They are leading scientists in the highly skilled and tricky area of Transmogriphication - the exciting process of turning one thing into a completely different thing.

And the most exciting thing is…

That no one knows what it is going to turn into!



How to Grow a Dinosaur is an interactive workshop adventure for children aged 2-7 concocting 5ml of science, 10ml of live music, 50mls of imagination and 100ml of fun. Explosive!


How to Grow a Dinosaur was originally created for the Creative Learning Festival, Aberdeen and is a one and a half hour treat for for nurseries, schools and public audiences.

How to Grow a Dinosaur Scientists Professor Dave and Professor Heather have harnessed the power of digital technology (kind of...) to bring you experiments to do from home.


In just 12 minutes the Professors will share the AMAZING world of 'Object Teleportation' and 'How to Make Your Own Formula'.


Complete with a list of Top Tips for Adult Assistants, we hope you and your family will have a blast!

(a fun blast of course - not an explosion)


Suitable for everyone aged 4+ (although younger children are sure to enjoy getting involved in the 'Formula Making' elements!)

Tour & Booking Info

How to grow a dinosaur is available on request – if we can come and cause some dinosaur havoc then we will!


Please get in touch.

Cast & Crew
Heather Fulton
Professor / Dinosaur
David Rankine
Jennifer Phillips

With thanks to Ben Clifford and Sam Jameson (stand in Dinosaurs)

Technical Specification

How To Grow A Dinosaur can work in most spaces – large and small.  Our preference is to have an indoor space and an outdoor space suitable for children (and Dinosaurs)



The team involves two Professors and some low-tech experiments that take an hour to set up and half an hour to get out.  The professors (not officially qualified) can deliver two workshops a day for a maximum of 20 children in each session.



Fees are dependant on locations and the number of workshops booked so please get in touch for further details.

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