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We are delighted and proud to share with you this book inspired by our award winning production Too Many Penguins?


Each thirty two page hand drawn picture book comes with it’s own cheeky penguin ready to pop up right into the middle of the page (as penguins do)


Lovingly made by Katy Wilson who designed Too Many Penguins? and Heather Fulton who directed it, this beautiful book is a perfect memento of seeing the show and an equally fun adventure for those who haven’t.


We hope it brings as much joy to readers as Too Many Penguins? has brought to audiences.


100% suitable for everyone who loves penguins!

£10.00 (+£4.00 p&p)
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Too Many Penguins? Book Cover
Too Many Penguins? p.1&2
Too Many Penguins? p.3&4
Too Many Penguins? p.5&6
Too Many Penguins? Last page

Take a peek inside!

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