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‘a true tragedy for our times, 

brief, unpretentious, but brilliantly 

conceived and beautifully made.’

**** The Scotsman

Images by Mihaela Bodlovic. Pictured: Hamish Macrae.


A Frozen Charlotte & Stadium Rock co-production

Written by “remarkable” The Scotsman, Xana Marwick


‘You’ve chosen to take yourself away from things but me, I’m invisible.’

A frightened, starving boy and his only friend, a crow, encounter a man on the edge of society trying to forget his past.

Their meeting begins a surreal journey where magical realism meets real-life media broadcast on life in present day UK.


NESTS is a contemporary tale for Scotland’s Year of Young People that questions how our society treats the young and vulnerable. It questions the stories we tell ourselves and the impact we all have on each other.

Each of us should have someone looking out for us. Each of us should have someone who takes responsibility for us. Each of us should have someone who loves us. But do we?


For audiences of adults and young people over the age of 12.

Tour & Booking Info

For more information on booking NESTS, please get in touch.

Cast & Crew
Ashleigh More
David McKay
Heather Fulton
Katy Wilson
Lighting Design
Gerron Stewart
Sound Design
Matt Elliott
Crow Animation
Kate Charter & Claire Lamond
Independant Arts Projects
Stage Manager
Yvonne Buskie

Special thanks to Geraldine Heaney and Dougal Marwick for all of their time, creativity and work on the development and early stages of NESTS.

Stadium Rock_edited.jpg
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Dye My Feathers Black

Dye My Feathers Black is an original song written for NESTS by Matt Elliott and Xana Marwick, performed by Ashleigh More.

It is out on release on all streaming platforms. All proceeds from this song will go to the NSPCC.

Technical Specification

Minimum playing area: 4m x 4m (Full black out required)

Get-in: Approx. 4hrs + 1hr break 

Get-out: Approx. 1hr 

Parking: 1 transit & 1 car 


For further information on NESTS please contact Mhari Robinson 


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