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‘a delightful piece of immersive theatre for children aged up to three years.’


The Stage


Frozen Charlotte & Starcatchers


Peep is a bird

Peep loves toast

Peep is very curious

…and a little bit lonely


Peep is a beautiful and interactive performance for children aged 0-3 and their grown ups.  Set in Peep’s world, the audience are invited to explore the space and the objects, with live music, real grass and real toast.


Peep was created as part of Heather Fulton’s residency with Starcatchers in 2009.  The project was an opportunity to experiment with performance, live music, installation and utterly unpredictable babies. Working with bird enthusiasts; Visual Artist, Katy Wilson and Musician and Composer, Greg Sinclair, Peep was one of Scotland’s pioneering productions for audiences aged 0-3. It was performed at North Edinburgh Arts Centre and Macrobert Arts Centre.

Cast & Crew

Creative and Production Team 2009

Heather Fulton
Katy Wilson
Composer / Performer
Greg Sinclair
Rosalind Sydney
Charlotte Maslin-Prothero
Rhona Matheson
Brenda Murphy
Movement Consultant
Christine Devaney
Production Manger
Sian MacGregor

With support from North Edinburgh Arts Centre, Jenny Wilson, Matt Elliott, North Edinburgh Childcare, Hazel Darwin Clements, Jo Timmins, James Gardner, Kate Temple and Ximena Vengoechea.

Technical Specification

If you would like further information, please contact us.

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