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Island - a Starcatchers & Frozen Charlotte Co-Production

In October 2019 we started development on a new show for babies. We had one week, four artists and an invited audience of a whole load of babies to explore ideas around the experiences of parents and babies and their relationships with one another.  

Island explores the joys of being in your own encapsulated little world and also the isolation that can come with it.  Testing the water, checking if you are ready to send your child out into the world, out across the ocean… No! Not yet - too soon…?  Exploring feelings of idyllic paradise juxtaposed with feelings of being marooned.   Island is a project that will explore meaningful themes for adults with visual and other sensory exploration for babies.  



We shared our first draft of Island with parents and babies in Roseisle Village Hall last year and are delighted to say we will be working with Starcatchers to continue this development with a short tour around Moray in September 2020.


More details to follow...


Artists involved in development:


Heather Fulton       Director

Kate Mackay           Designer

David Rankine        Performer / Musician

Wilson Noble          Musician / Composer

Diane Smith            Photography


For more information on our partners Starcatchers please click here 

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