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‘Beautifully crafted, utterly engaging’


The Herald

Moussa's Castle

When it comes to castles, Moussa is an expert! If he’s not making them - out of sand, mud or sausages and mash - he’s drawing them. Even when he’s asleep, Moussa dreams of castles. But what he really, really wants to do, is to build one. Everyone says he’ll never do it and Moussa quickly discovers that building a castle isn’t so easy… But will Moussa give up on his dream?


Moussa’s Castle is a magical story of hope and determination underscored with live music and especially created for children aged 2-5.


Moussa’s Castle was the first show Frozen Charlotte made.  Inspired by a Lebanese true story, the show evolved from a residency at North Edinburgh Child Care.


Moussa's Castle toured throughout the UK and Ireland and was showcased at the Imaginate International Children’s Theatre Festival.

Cast & Crew
Stanley Pattison
Ross Allan
Matt Elliott
Heather Fulton
Brenda Murphy
Katy Wilson
Design Consultant
Rosie Gibson
Lighting Designer
Simon Wilkinson
Rhona Matheson

With thanks to:


Ross Allan, Neil and Jenny Wilson, North Edinburgh Arts, Macrobert Arts Centre, Granny Smith, Imaginate, Paul Fitzpatrick, SCA Packaging, North Edinburgh Childcare.

Technical Specification

Moussa’s Castle is a flexible show which can work in spaces no smaller than 7x7m.  The show can be performed with or without lighting and the company tours all sound equipment.


For further information please contact us.

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