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Small Small Rainbow

Small stories for people with BIG imaginations. A new podcast especially created for children and families.  

We have stories about spy donkeys, space pebbles, imaginary elephants and much more. Short, quirky, original stories which are a treat for the whole family. 

Written by Siân Bevan
Music and sound design by Nik Paget-Tomlinson and Niroshini Thambar
Directed by Heather Fulton
Performed by Hazel Darwin-Clements, Mamoru Iriguchi and Saskia Ashdown

Produced by Frozen Charlotte and Hazel Darwin-Clements. Small Small Rainbows was originally commissioned by Imaginate. 

In 2021 we created a sound installation for the Edinburgh International Children's Festival where families were gifted a watering can to listen to one of our small small rainbow stories.  A gentle and covid safe experience to which the general response was "can we listen to another?"


To listen to this FREE Podcast 

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