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We are delighted to be opening our new show on the 7th of September at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, embarking on the first leg of a month long tour throughout Scotland.

NESTS is a new play by Xana Marwick, supported by Creative Scotland. NESTS is about a boy who is on the run with his friend a crow when they meet a man who's been living in the woods. They start off being suspicious of each other but the boy discovers a secret that changes both of their lives.


Have a look at NESTS Sound Designer Matt Elliott taking to the Director and Actors about what attracted them to the play.

Gain some further insight into NESTS in how writer Xana Marwick came up with the idea for the play, in this interview with the Herald.

Go to NESTS for details on where you can see the show.


Frozen Charlotte News!

We are pleased to announce that we are on the look for new board members to join our Board of Directors - click here for more info.


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