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Island Adventures

A new development with Starcatchers

So this week we began working on a new project. It's working title is 'Island' and it's the start of an idea for a show for babies 18 months and under.

Island embarks on an adventure to explore ideas around the experiences of parents and babies and their relationships with one another.  

The joys of being in your own encapsulated little world and also the isolation that can come with it.  Testing the water, checking if you are ready to send your child out into the world, out across the ocean… No! Not yet - too soon…?  Exploring feelings of idlic paradise juxtaposed with feelings of being marooned.   Island is a project that will explore meaningful themes for adults with visual and other sensory exploration for babies.  

Taking place in Moray we'll be checking in with some babies groups and performing a little sharing at Roseisle Village Hall on Thursday the 17th of October at 11am.

Get in touch to find out more!


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