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From us at Frozen Charlotte...

We've been beavering away in our various parts of the country to pull together a few things that we hope you will enjoy. We're delighted to share both projects with you and would love to hear what you think.

Too Many Penguins? Book Reading

We have created an online reading of our beautiful Too Many Penguins? book. Complete with the voices of Penguina (Nicola Jo Cully), Mr Polaro (Samual Jameson), music composed for the show by Greg Sinclair and narration by Matt Elliott.

Recommended for everyone who loves penguins!


Science is Cool!! Film and Creative Play Ideas

How to grow a Dinosaur Scientists Professor Dave and Professor Heather have harnessed the power of digital technology (kind of...) to bring you experiments to do from home. In just 12 minutes the Professors will share the AMAZING world of 'Object Teleportation' and 'How to Make Your Own Formula'.

Complete with a list of Top Tips for Adult Assistants, we hope you and your family will have a blast! (a fun blast of course - not an explosion)

Suitable for everyone aged 4+ (although younger children are sure to enjoy getting involved in the 'Formula Making' elements!)

Top Tips for Adult Assistants
Download PDF • 102KB

We very much hope you enjoy both films and let us know how you get on. We'd love to hear about reactions, see pictures and videos. Feel free to share with us over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or by emailing us at

All our love to you,

The Frozen Charlotte Team x


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